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This stuff has been accumulated in my "Downloads - My Works" folder for quite some time.
Only Custom Hair and just a few shades with Nymphy and Pooklet textures.

If you like my ideas,
continue on!
I attached the meshes.


SimsFile Share folder

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Count Dracula is a strange figure.
There is a huge gap between history and fiction.
There are probably many similarities.
I just brought a fictitious vampire count.
Inspired by  Drakula - Love Kills, HOPA game


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One of his favorite books was The Scrivener and Pharaoh. (Writed by Hegedüs Géza - Geza Hegedüs)
A critic wrote about this:

Az írnok és a fáraó az ókori Egyiptom világába kalauzolja az olvasót. A történet IV. Amenhotep uralkodásának tizenhét esztendejét fogja át, érzékeltetve, hogy bár ez az időszak csak egy pillanat volt a birodalom történelmének évezredeiben, az emberiség útjának fontos állomását jelzi. Ekkor történt meg először, hogy egy mozgalom tudatosan és következetesen szembefordul a vallással. Ez a regény történelmi magja: a fáraó vallási és társadalmi forradalma. A valós történelmi alakok - így Horemheb főtanácsnok, Áj, a hadvezér - mellett felbukkanó szereplők, köztük Thotmóze, a fáraó bátor szívű írnoka már az író képzeletének szülötte, de életük, harcaik, hétköznapjaik a fáraó által megteremtett forradalmi jellegű társadalmi változások jegyében zajlanak. Az új tanok győzelméhez kötődik a fiatal írnok boldogulása is, aki csak ily módon nyerheti el szerelmét, egy gazdag pap lányát.  (Legeza Ilona)

"The scrivener and the pharaoh guide the reader to the world of ancient Egypt. The story covers the seventeen years of Amenhotep's reign, illustrating that although this period was only a moment in the millennia of the empire's history, it marks an important stage in the way of mankind. first, that a movement consciously and consistently faces religion.
This is the historical core of the novel: the religious and social revolution of Pharaoh. True historical figures such as Advocate General Horemheb, General
Aj,  including Thotmose, the courageous writer of the Pharaoh, have been born of the writer's imagination, but their lives, their fights, their everyday lives are under revolutionary social changes created by Pharaoh. The victory of the young writer, who can only win his love, the daughter of a rich priest, is linked to the victory of the new doctrines. (Ilona Legeza)

In this novel I read about Nofretete,( Nofertete, Nefertiti) for the first time.
Since then, a lot of time has passed, but my interest in them has not passed.
Nefertiti and her husband, Ehnaton-Akhenaton, are impressive figures of ancient history.
I made the sim version of Pharaoh and his beautiful wife based on their sculpture portraits.

The Queen exists in two versions, the first even before the "era" of the Custom Sliders, the second is more authentic. However, I saved the first one among my backups.I changed the light skin of Nefertiti 2017 to a darker shade when the new sliders refined their facial features That's how it was - I hope - the 2018 Nefer real Egyptian lady.


Nefertiti 2017


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The boys follow.......

I promised I brought it.
Some sim guys...

In my game, Henri, a french nobleman and two sons. Philippe and Jacques twins. Good and bad ... of course.




Luke Roberts, one of the heroes of the Black Sails, is next. He also played Ser Arthur Dayne in the Game fo Thrones


Is there anyone who doesn't know him?
Although I never played with DMC, this great character really liked me, so he became a sim.


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I've been trying to create Empress Elisabeth (Sisi or Sissi) for a long time as a sim
After many years of experimentation, I finally managed last year.
Custom Sliders and new face effects make Sisi's face almost realistic.
At least compared to the beginning, I think it is much better. lol

I've tried many hairs, but finally Sussi "Queen Sylvia" became the right one.
Unfortunately my re-editing is not the best. The old and tiny detail of the hair remained on both sides of the face.
But - I hope - acceptable.

So now I release Elizabeth, the Bavarian princess, the Austrian Empress, the Hungarian Queen (etc.) who would be happy to see her in the game. Like a monarch's wife, or just a charming lady.
Everyone decides for themselves.. :)


and the empress gown...

Mesh not included!

Download Mod The Sims - SussiSoGoodSims

Seven Dials Dickens London: Crinoline Dress Mesh + 4 Textures

Download the gown

And more Elisabeth gowns:

Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) wardrobe

Left: Lidiqnata mesh   
Right: Peggy Sims - Hunsha mesh

and Sissi jewelry

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I really like the Victorian women 's hats.
The VitaSims hat-hair was separated and converted into an accessory by CupCakeyy.
These hats were i made for the accessory version. You'll find them under the Glasses.
Simple, flower-decorated straw hat and elegant velvet and silk hats with ribbon decorations.
Some of matching to the Sussi crinolines.
The rest was random.

Download CakeyyVitaSimsBonnet

Victorian lady with uncovered head? No way!
My second job is a home bonnet with ribbons.
The mesh was made by Dedital Sheep.
Unfortunately, his side no longer works, so I put the net and his original creations into the package.
No young adult and older version!

Download Victorian Home Bonnet

Last, but not least!
The wreath was the favorite headdress of the era.
Wedding and festive occasions.

I've made versions for Cynnix TSM's wreath. Colorful flowers, myrtle, orange flowers. I found the mesh on Plumb Bob Keep.
The veil in the picture is the work of Peggy Sims, not in the package.

Download CynnixTSMWreathBridal

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I have to admit that I didn't like the old mesh for a long time.
Alpha nets are more attractive.
But Sussi Friberg made such excellent crinols that I couldn't miss the opportunity.
Great body shape, absolutely perfect, Victorian bodice.

I made clothes for two versions. One has no sleeves. This is great for ball clothes.
The other is more casual attire.
A total of 16 clothes.
I hope you will love them.

I attached the meshes. But you can find them here if necessary.

Seven Dials Dickens London: Crinoline Dress Mesh + 4 Textures

Seven Dials Dickens London: Crinoline Sleeves Mesh + 2 "Madam Stride" Textures

Thanks to Sussi for them, and the Mod the Sims website to keep them safe.



Crinoline with sleeves.

Crinoline unsleeves

Mesh in the Sim File Share album!


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Okay. This is not easy for me now.
I like my sims.
We have a personal relationship.

I'm just kidding. 

Of course, you get a lot of pleasure creating a sim character.
But don't to exaggerate stupidity. She's not alive persons.

I always make a "backup" copy of my sim characters. That is why I decided to offer some of them i "for adoption"

First the girls:


My favorite.
A heroine of a wonderful story inspired.
It's actually a HOPA game, from the 4 Friends Games. The title is Immortal love - Letter from the past.
Love, vicious machinations (contract's the devil), fight for freedom, happy end.
She originally looks like this



Szilvia. (Sylvia)

He was originally Sansa Stark, but he was
became independent at the Body Shop.
By the time I felt it was perfect now, it was not Sansa.
When I asked my younger-brother, what she called this girl.
"Her name was Szilvia".


Edua (Édua)

The name Édua really likes it. Medieval origin. The meaning: The Moon Rises.
According to a legend, a name from a kun (cuman)  tribe-derived girl, for which a Hungarian king dropped his Christian faith. The king was later killed.
The history of my Édua other. Nobody died for her.


Viktória (Victoria).

My brother is also his "godfather".
This is an excellent lady.  Flirty and confident.

"Victoria! Victoria!
I've heard you have a husband in Vienna!
Victoria! Victoria!
Let's escape from the capital, to Szabadi

We're on the train, we're going!
We need relaxation
Victoria! Victoria!
Let's go, let's go, let's go, go to Szabadi"

Fonográf: Viktória


Valéria (Valeria)

I did not originally want to keep him. It was a random design because it needed a face to show Chinese wigs.
Not long ago, looking at the photos, I put him in the game. I refined it with the new custom sliders, so she became a victorian lady.


Katalin (Catherine)

She is Sylvia's sister. It was also a version of Sansa Stark. And it was also transformed into someone else.


The boys follow.......

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In the summer of 2017, I published a request on Sims Cave.
I like a mesh, a separate, crinoline-type (hoop) skirt.

A few days later, JulieJ replied.

She prepared the skirt!

He used Yana's alpha mesh, for which I was grateful for her.

This is how the creation of this collection began.

Because I need blouses for the skirt, a long research has begun. I tried many meshes. Finally, 5 were appropriate.

The first, my favorite, is a separate jacket from a H&M suit. A bolero coat. Amaryll made it.
(I'm sorry I did not find the mesh again. I think it was GOS. Mesh attached)
Excellent for walking dresses, for victorian ladies, or southern belles.

The second is the eternal master, Liana's work. A trumpet sleeve with sleek top. Absolutely victorian.

Finally, I found the miracle of All About Style with Stella's "princess" blouse, with the long-awaited puffy sleeves. (Unfortunately, All About Style has been closed. Mesh attached)

At that time I still work on two blouses. When they are ready, they become part of the wardrobe.

Huge thanks for mesh-creators, and special thanks to JulieJ for starting the project with the skirt!

Each package contains the mesh!





There will be, of course, a range of accessories.
Cakeyy's great work, the bonnet, made by VitaSims hat-hair. Biene's victorian bonnet. Using a summer hat with Mila's creation.
Beach umbrellas - thanks to Daislia and Moirae.
Fans - TheNinthWaveSims, - veils - Sussi, - and brooches - LianaSims, and PeggySims.

I found most of the textures through Pinterest, on the net

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Some dresses, just random.
Fur trim and jewelery belts.
The mesh was found in the 2017 Halloween Gift of the Sim Angeles Forum. Created by Dreamcatcher.

DOWNLOAD 3 dress + mesh

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She is walking in fire .....

Daenerys Targaryen. My second favorite character in the Game of Thrones TV series.
For some clothes and accessories.

And, of course, be continued .......

Pink home dress, Pentos, Illyrio Mopatis's House
Mesh: Dreamcatcher - included

Wedding dress 2 version - with and without armband texture.
Mesh: Dreamcatcher - included
You can find Dreamcatcher (Anactacia) creations at the  Sim Angeles Forum.

Plus armband accessoire - Mesh: Gunji-Pool 
(Sorry, I could not separate the set. I do not know far-east punctuation.
I've attached the whole kit)

Download Wedding Set

Dothraki wears - 2 variants
Full dress - Mesh: Gelydh, included

Top only  
(Only the dress, pants and boots are not attached!!)
Mesh: Mel3t2 - conversion Gelydh mesh, included

Evening dress in Qarth
Mesh: Dreamcatcher - included

The shoulder ornament-shawl - accessorie (found Glasses)
Mesh: GeneralZoi - included

Download Qarth Set

3 mesh - 5 dress
Variations on the Daenerys costume dress she wore at Meeren in the gladiator arena

The meshes: Liz13, Yana (JustSims) and Dreamcatcher - included
The Dreamcatcher mesh 3 version - closed and open (cut) sleeves, and dragon brooch application

And accessoire brooch - PeggySims mesh - included

Download Arena dress 1 (Liz13)

Download Arena dress 2 (Yana19 FALD)

Download Arena 3-4-5 (Dreamcatcher)

The White Dragon dress - other queen-outfit in Meeren + Drogon necklace
Dress mesh: Dreamcatcher - included
Necklace - PeggySims mesh - the set included

Download White Dragon set

Only necklace and brooch

Enjoy :)

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The Westeros ladies hairstyle is quite complicated.
I wanted to return the spectacle of the series. That's why I created some hair accessories. These are the Chinese historical wigs meshes.

There was also a need to re-edit some hair.

Here is the list on which the original meshek can be found.
Soon I'll bring edited versions as well.

Since I can not encode my creations, my haircuts are displayed in the "Custom hair" section at Body Shop.
There are no all shades, only Pooklet volatile and one or two colors

Alpha edited:

(Ann) Newsea - Babyface Edit - Cersei, Sansa (based hair for wigs, without bun)

Newsea Dracarys - Sansa (without bangs - hair for Alayne Stone)

Alesso Anto/Coolsims, Conversion Eir-sims - Firefly - Sansa

Newsea - Huss Baby   - Cersei, Sansa, Margaery (based hair for wigs)

Newsea - Lamb - Margaery (Second wedding hairstyle)

Alesso - Slowly - Sansa (without bangs)

Lidiqnata - Drew - Cersei, Sansa (without bangs and bows)


Amidalasims/Hallow Sims - Iris - Cersei, Sansa

Original, untouched hairstyles:

Trapping - Glamourous Maang Tika - Sansa (second wedding hairstyle)

Emilia NewSea - Sheperd  - Margaery

Newsea/TRapping - Swan - Cersei (Antler tiara hairstyle)

Skysims 190 - Sansa (North teal dress)

Newsea - Carly - Sansa (negligee hairstyle)

Nouk - Side Braid - Cersei (breastplate dress hairstyle)

(Meshy) Amaryll - Dutch Braid Sansa

Marja - TSM Long Braid - Sansa
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I'm sorry, but packs a forehead ornament is not the right mesh.
This is a good mesh. Its name is "Maya40-BieneHeadBandEdit"

Anyone who has downloaded the supplies, delete the "BieneHeadbandEDITED" package.
Thank you!

Russia, with love!

I great respect and affection recommend this little works of Russian Simmer's, Those who make it even more beautiful the Sims games, with their wonderful and unique creations

Special thanks to Dreamcatcher for gown's meshes!
You can find Dreamcatcher (Anactacia) creations at the Sim Angeles Forum.
For accessories, Wawa made meshes. I would like to express my thanks for this too!

Meshes in the packs!

Green-Gold set

Blue-Gold set

Red-Gold set

Pink-Gold set

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I'm sorry I forgot these. But they were long ago made.
But maybe they'll make somebody happy too!

Margaery Tyrell's wedding dresses, necklaces and crowns.
Meshes in packs.

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Please help!
I'm looking for a half wall with a high wrought-iron decoration on top.
The half wall and the decoration together are a full height of the wall.
It was part of an installed building. It's lost because my game crashed.  cry
The description is in German-language.

I've been searching everywhere. On all German Sims 2 sites, and more than I remembered.
This is a very useful architectural element. Wrought iron is really beautiful, classic style.
Thanks in advance!
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Wawa made a great new mesh based on Biene's original accessory.
The new headband tiaras are already male and female versions, from teenagers to old age.

The textures i continued to use the masterpieces of
A Mon Seul Désire.

The package also includes the png version of jewelery.


The mesh file is NOT attached!
Wawa mesh can be downloaded from here:



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35 Headband tiara's, inspired by the Game of Thrones






Garden King's

Mesh: Biene (mesh file name - MESH_biene_stirnschmuck090805) included

Textured from AMonSeulDesir creations

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Sansa Stark's wardrobe and jewel box.

Dresses: Dreamcatcher, Iamliz13, Yana
Accessories: Ran417, Peggy Sims, Sailor Sims, Cassis
Jewells: Peggy Sims, Liana Sims, Lidiqnata, Myos

All mesh attached.
You can find Dreamcatcher (Anactacia) creations at the
Sim Angeles Forum.



Sansa Wardrobe 07




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